End Game is written by Leigh Louey Gung aka LoGun, an Australian dating coach. The conversation and events that take place are mostly fiction, but are based on similar situations LoGun has had with other students. The PUA guys are all nervous and clueless with women, while LoGun is. ENDGAME ATTRACTION INSTITUTE PDF - In this site isn`t the same as a solution manual you download in a book store or download off the web. Our. Over Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Endgame Attraction Institute PDF. ENDGAME ATTRACTION INSTITUTE. Download: Endgame Attraction Institute.

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There was something about the way she walked that was just hypnotic. Yes I see her. Hang on. I sat and watched what looked like a train hurtling at full speed off the tracks into an office block packed with dynamite inside a volcano, which was erupting with dragons spewing acid lava.

A little part of me cringed. Then an even bigger part did. Then all of it did. He shuffled back to the table with his head down and his pride a little worse for wear. What a beautiful Woman Was I pecking? The seduction community had done a great job of convincing him that having smoking hot women lose their shit over you was simple if you just followed a series of easy steps. He was about to have a rude shock.

There are heaps of reasons. Why would I? The only issue is that some guys are great with analogies other struggle. What are you trying to say? They peddle their tools like Weapons of Mass Seduction, capable of overcoming any situation of circumstance.

Would you download a machine that was able to remove your penis? What if I sold it to you really well? What if I dropped the price really low? What if I pretended that it was really scarce? What if I pretended that other people really wanted it? Then why would she bother sleeping with a guy who really has nothing to offer her?

Think about all the different areas of your world - your work, leisure, friends, family, and health. If the level of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfilment you have in these areas in your life was written up on a dating profile, would you want to date yourself?

If your dating profile was a real profile about you, what would it say? I guess it would read something like: Nice guy, looking for the girl of his dreams. I leant right forward in my chair and looked him square in the eyes.

Is that really real? I guess so That was harsh! Is it the lying bit? Sure, I might do it at the start but all the time The bit about using her for your happiness?

My life is reasonably happy now. I just think that if I could get a great girlfriend then things would be that much better! I get it. THAT free, expressive, powerful guy. Is he trying to get her approval, her validation? I guess not. He needed to hear this and I wanted to make sure I had his full and undivided attention.

This is going to be your focus. Is that the underlying motivation when you go out to meet new Women? Is that what you were doing when you walked over to Isabella? Giving is not the act of doing something to get something. Giving her love, happiness, and freedom can never be about getting her to do something in return - especially not sleep with you.

Giving, in its purest form, is about being able to offer something to someone and not requiring anything back. Those guys just creep me out. Is there something wrong with what they say to you? They say all the right things.

Well, not weird, just I was giving and yet getting nothing in return. First it was through trying to take and then it was taking disguised as giving. Holy shit! Steven let his eyes follow my finger out the window to where his last victim was standing. He looked back at me, then back at her, then back at me again. He knew what he needed to do. In that moment, I knew he was going to be making many incredible women incredibly happy. It was quite a terrifying but liberating process.

Her resistance was obvious at first but the more he spoke, the more she softened. And the more she softened, the more he softened as well. He was with her for about 15 minutes before she hugged him good bye with a beautiful and happy smile on her face.

He was beaming all the way back to the table. I went over and just laid it all out. I apologised for the way I spoke to her. I apologised for lying to her, for not caring about her, and for trying to take from her. I laid it all out on the table.

It was So this is how they find me. I do not doubt that you can get success with women through going down that path but its limited, very limited. Consider this: I mean, really free. How soon will you be able to experience the freedom that you came to me to find? How soon are you going to be able to express how you really feel, what you really want, what you really stand for?

How soon are you going to be able to relax, free yourself, and just let the real you out? Are you truly giving in other areas of your life or are you just trying to find different ways to take from the people who grace your life with their presence?

How are your relationships with your family and your friends? How many issues are you facing in your work life and where could they be coming from? God, I feel so dirty. My friends, my family, even sitting here with you. Wow, how could I have missed this? All these problems It was being able to witness these moments that helped me become so addicted to coaching.

I remember first realising this for myself. It was a close friend of mine, much cleverer than I, who pointed it out to me in a long conversation about life, death, and everything in between.

Boy did it mess with my head. It really shook me for a long time. I felt lost, confused, and isolated from everything I held as true. The feeling of freedom, or power, and of control is unparalleled.

We sat in silence for the next couple of minutes as the waitresses hurriedly cleared the mess from tables around us. They just do my head in some times. On the surface, all women seem different.

Endgame attraction institute pdf

Some want rich men, some want powerful men, some want to date celebrities. It can seem really confusing, right until you start to dig a little bit under the surface. Think about it. Up until a few minutes ago, you thought you were looking at a whole lot of different issues in your life. Think it could be possible that this problem you have with understanding women could have a core issue as well?

Women want the things they do because of the way they make them feel, just like you do. So how do you think these things, this power, money, or fame, make women feel? He had to think for this one. Safe, secure, looked after. That makes sense He seemed to be getting it. This is at the core of just about every single one of these desires. Does that make sense?

What feeling are they looking for? The feeling that everything is going to be OK. When it receives information that a positive outcome has been achieved, it releases these happy chemicals. There are other animals that can do this as well but nowhere near as well as we can. This includes the ability to predict positive or negative outcomes. Predicting these outcomes has the exact same effect on brain chemistry as if it had actually happened.

This is why certainty is at the core of every desire. The really sweet, loving, and caring ones. Nice guys are people who change themselves just so that women will like them more. They change the way they act, they change the way they talk, and they change the things they do, just so that women will be attracted to them. Is he going to stay the same and look after her or is he just going to change himself once again and leave her to chase this new shiny, more attractive play mate?

I know plenty of people who get happy, like in a relationship, and then after a while, they just get bored with it. I guess. Did you sprinkle a little too much crack on your cereal this morning? Certainty is knowing that everything is going to be ok. Think about it like a roller coaster. Why would someone want that? It could be terrifying. It was like I was almost addicted to controlling things.

Not knowing what was going to happen next was the reason I spent 7 years hiding in my bedroom, afraid to face the world. I thought that not knowing what was going to happen next was the last thing I wanted, until I realised something Think back to the roller coaster again.

How would you feel? How would you feel this time? Imagine yourself back on a roller coaster again. People who have happiness but then they get bored. If you got back on this new roller coaster but you saw that the whole thing had changed, there were loops, turns, twists and tunnels, how would you feel then?

How much time do you think women would want to spend around you if you could give them that feeling all the time? It all comes down to a little, but significant difference in biology between men and women. Most people had gone home by now so there were quite a few tables empty. We headed towards a comfy looking one with black corner couches and picked up where we left off. Women are human beings and therefore equal to any other human being on this planet, regardless of gender, race, religion, or whatever, but somewhere in this movement the message got confused.

If there are things that women have been restricted from doing because of some kind of misguided stereotypes then they should be free to do it. Every single time. Any time I start talking about how and why women are different; everyone wants a piece of the action.

I did, you did, Sylvester Stallone did, and we all did. This is the key female hormone and is a growth promoting hormone. In a female baby, this development continues all the way through their gestation period and continues to drive their development all the way through their life.

At the 8 week mark, a huge shift happens. Estrogen production is reduced dramatically and testosterone floods into the brain and starts to produce huge changes. These are the areas that drive competitiveness and action. And it shapes the way females and males engage their world, right from birth.

His mind was working over time. I much prefer for guys to work things out for themselves so I let him stew for a minute. But before we go on, I have to mention one thing. Is this going on record? Whatever you say is going in your file For life. The dominant way that a feminine woman develops her perceptions of the world, and therefore, her sense of certainty, is through communication.

If the dominant way she gets her certainty is through communication, how am I supposed to communicate it without words? You needed to explicitly state something or have it explicitly stated to you for it to be real. Nothing could be further from the truth. I took a deep breath and leant forward over the table. It can be really hard to tell some times. There are plenty of feminine Men out there who rely more on their communication for their sense of certainty than on their about to take action.

They were sitting with their chairs facing us, listening to every word we were saying.

Steven was starting to get it. Everything else is made up of you voice tonality, voice speed, and body language. Everyone knows that. Is that the kind of person you think she wants to be around? You have to feel like your place in this world is certain, like your ability to take care of whatever the world throws at you is assured, like you can overcome anything that this world throws at you.

There are no tricks, techniques, or methods that can completely mask your fear, doubt, or boredom with life. It all comes down to how you engage your world. I thought it was the lines and techniques. Of course! Being there for that moment, that split second in time where a guy gets it. I remember hitting these points in my journey.

Those perfect moments where you see through all the bullshit. These ideas had lost their punch for me over time but being able to give them to others was amazing.

You have to also remember that there are a lot of feminine guys who source the certainty through communication too. And no-one is inferior, people are just different. That makes sense. Every single one. This is doing my head in. Do you mind? I feel so much more free knowing how simple this is but I feel like such an idiot for wasting time with all this bullshit.

All those hours spent behind a computer screen, learning more lies to tell, and all those hours spent out in field trying to get better at doing them, they were all for nothing. They were important. You could still be at home, masturbating to goat porn and crying for lubricant.


Let me get this for you. His mind was off somewhere very far away. Somewhere in between the sand and the sky, trying to make sense of this thing we call life.

I sat and chatted with the guys at the other table for a while. They were cool guys. They understood girls. After the cafe closed, we headed to the pub for a quick drink and to relax a bit. This was fun There were cute women, lots of laughs, no bullshit routines or lies, just fun. It felt great to unwind. All the doubts and insecurities about who I was and what I was worth would come flooding into my mind as soon as they could force their way in, which usually only took a minute or two.

I remember the start of my journey inwards very distinctly, it was an incredible time.

And this happened every 2 weeks! How much can I change? When do I have to get off this amazing ride? And then another. But this is the thing I wanted to ask before: Steven turned up in the early afternoon. He pulled out one of the timber chairs from under the kitchen table sat down amongst the left over vegetable peelings and steaming chicken.

Now I could die complete. Or, you could just pick up a menu, call the restaurant, and for a few dollars more, you could have the meal sitting in your lap in less than half the time. What do you enjoy doing? Here you go, get this into you.

Sports, movies, whatever was going on in the world. I could tell he was just being polite and trying to make it seem like we were just hanging out but there was something more just under the surface. He was into his second bowl before the real reason for his visit came out. Is there something wrong with that?

I was there myself once - sitting at home, feeling miserable, and just trying to work out how I could just get that girl into my life so I could finally be happy How far do you think that got me? My failure was so astounding that it forced me to find a better way to get what I wanted out of life.

Out of life, I mean. He sat back down again. I feel in control and strong. When it goes well, like I could take on challenges and overcome barriers Like I could take on anything that life throws at me What were you trying to do? Every action, every movement, everything is about moving towards a place that feels nice, safe, secure and yet exciting. Every action is tied into this, every single one. He sat back in his chair and took a long sip of water. Think back to the flashing lights, the high energy music, the beautiful women walking around - what were you doing there?

What did they want out of life? What were they trying to achieve? The guys were standing on the side lines because they were trying to find special someone but were too afraid to talk to anyone. The work colleagues were all bonding, creating that sense of community, solidifying their place in the group. The dancing girls were just like everyone else, making sure they were part of something, wanted and appreciated. How good are you at getting their phone numbers?

How good are you at getting them to come home with you? That makes so much sense. How do you think that would affect your interactions with women? Running through past failures can seem painful but when you look at the real core of the issue you faced and have a solution to it, then it can be powerfully liberating.

I grabbed the tea pot and he followed me around the corner, through the hall, and into the lounge room. He took a seat in one of the deep lounges while I struck up the incense.

Is it something bad? I guess She was beautiful. How could I forget? I was trying to get her into my life so that I could feel like everything was going to be ok.

I was trying to get her so that I felt safe. They perceive that the external environment controls how they feel and so they try to get power over it to experience their happiness.

There are some things in the external environment that you do need to get control over to feel certain. You need shelter, you need food, you need water and all that stuff. There are some things we require in life to make sure of our survival. Things like food, shelter, water, safety, and access to more food and shelter as you need it.

For example: Have you ever felt really good when someone you respected or admired said something really nice about you? Or when someone went out of their way to include you in something? You know that feeling Getting their acceptance and validation allows you to predict a positive outcome and your brain goes all crazy with those happy chemicals that make you feel oh, so good. He got this one. Most people do. The desire to experience acceptance from beautiful women leads downloads to hide who they really are and change how they present themselves so that women are attracted to them.

This behaviour pushes away most women, which leaves guys looking for answers. The seduction community is where they come to find them. Well, how about this one. Have you ever got a rush when you found a piece of knowledge that you thought was going to really help change your life?

Maybe in your travels through the Pick Up community? I remember when I first got into this stuff. Women were so confusing It made so much sense and I definitely felt excited when I read it. There are a whole lot of different things out there The limitation of this pathway becomes very apparent when they step out their door and attempt to implement the information only to see their sense of certainty crushed.

I read just about every single piece of information I could get my hands on and every time I found something new that I knew would solve my problem, I felt like a god. It was almost as if I enjoyed finding the answer more than actually applying it. Have you ever been put in a position of power over other people? It felt good. It felt good to be in control, like I was more powerful than other people, like I had the tools to make shit happen and, if I was being really honest, it felt good to know that I was better than the other people too.

Sure, it feels great when people accept you. Being in control of a group. But have you ever been down and then looked at someone else who was worse off and realised that things were so bad? That maybe, you even have it kind of good? Why do you think that feels so good? By making other people lower than you, you get to feel higher than them. And if they can do it, then you can probably do it too. I knew what it was like and I knew how bad it feels when you realise it.

Go on. What about this: Maybe it was something about the way you looked, or maybe it was something to do with the people in your life, or maybe it was to do with where you lived or maybe you just felt as though there was just something not right in your life that was making things painful for you. Maybe once or twice… Sometimes I wish I was muscular as well.

You know, not huge but a few extra inches around my biceps would be good. It be being anally retentive about the state of your bedroom or getting ridiculous amounts of plastic surgery to control your appearance or spending huge amounts of money to changing the physical appearance of your partner or your house or your car or whatever really.

I refilled our tea cups and took a short sip. I turned my attention out the lounge room window. I could see the setting sun just outside: Summer sunsets were always so beautiful - so much power and passion wrapped up in so much beauty. It was about 10 minutes before Steven spoke. I smiled and nodded. But, the downside with anything that can be achieved in a second is that it can also be lost in a second.

And even if you were able to guarantee it with one person, are you really able to guarantee it with everyone? Not a snowflakes chance in hell. What if it was based on power over people? People are going to come and go. People are going to believe in you and then change their mind.

What about them? How stable is your sense of certainty going to be when you come across them? It could be lost at any moment because the external world could change in any moment. In fact, the only constant is change. I could tell he was listening but he needed space to take it all in. He finally spoke up. And because there are so many different possibilities and different scenarios, they develop all this information to account for them. All these actions that prevented you from achieving the success you were looking for are all products of the Getting mindset.

There are other parts to it, though. The fact that certainty is based on external factors, everything in the external environment becomes either a barrier to certainty or a tool to experience certainty through.

This includes cars, clothing, family, money, your job, and most importantly, people. Getting relationships are where two incomplete people come together and rely on each other to provide things. He brought his eyes back to me. I feel like such an idiot. People focussed on Getting tend to live their lives in the way that their specific peer group says is the right way. The incense had gone dead so to save me from talking for a minute or two, I stuck up another stick. He finally looked up at me. The back wall of the lounge room was smothered in the warmth of the slowly setting suns vivid reds and fiery oranges.

Uncertainty is bad. Their certainty is based on the external environment matching the exact image they have in their head. It was a bit of an information overload but he was starting to see just how it all fitted in together.

I mean, when you really think about it. Always up and down depending on what other people think of you and how they respond to you. It eats me up inside. I wake up feeling shit and I go to bed feeling shit. He meant it. Welcome to the second pathway: The sun had dropped low behind the rising silhouette of the distant city and the stars were just coming out to play. The fresh shoots buckled and cracked as we crossed the front lawn. It sounds like a lot of fun. They can completely transform from the quietest, most reserved little mouse to a roaring lion in front of your eyes.

Steven was no exception. But, the better you get, the skinner the kayaks get. And the skinnier they get, the faster they go He was a Man on a mission and that mission was to share his love with the world.

It was captivating. It was the energy that really drew me in. No woman wants to hear about kayaks. Just for a change It opened up from a small, claustrophobic pathway into a wide grassy football field. With the moon light just starting to stream in, it looked like a mythical setting for some ancient battle. The things you love then the connections are much more likely to appear.

Why would you bother wasting your time trying to memorise stories to camouflage your otherwise dull and uninteresting life when you could just devote that same time to actually making your life interesting. What kind of relationship would you end up in? It was deathly quiet at this time of night. They do things to get the approval and admiration, power over other people; whatever they think they need to do to take control of the constraints that the external environment places on them. Their conversations tend to be boring, flat, and lacking energy.

How could anyone else? And when they talk to beautiful Women about it, their conversations are full of energy and life. That seems almost too obvious. Suspiciously obvious. His eyes were tracing the outline of the trees against the sky.

Not a chance. They become people you can share and grow with. It was only a slight drizzle, just enough to form small droplets on my shirt and make the grass shine in the moon light. This is certainty based on participating in the task, not achieving an outcome.

What Women Want: Female Psychology 101

What do you mean? Think of it like this: Is that what you mean? Not about pushing the boundaries of what you think you can get, but just what you think you can do. He sat for a minute, just contemplating before turning back to me. Is it that simple or is there something I have to do? Like I said before, someone in Getting is there because they think the external world is responsible for how they feel and they think get their happiness from outside them.

And because they perceive that they need to be responsible for their happiness, they just start focussing on what they want to do and how they can do it more.

The Getting one is very warm and fuzzy, where as the Doing one is much more That difference in how it feels. I know what you mean. Only a couple of times though. I was just following my desires, doing what I wanted to do, and everything was falling into place. I was Following the Doing pathway does more for you than get you into a powerful frame of mind, it also produces a few very interesting side effects. Whilst the Getting pathway is responsible for producing the needy and clingy behaviours that limit the success of a lot of guys, the Doing pathway produces the complete opposite results.

A guy follow the Doing pathway actually does most of the community techniques naturally, without having to memorise any of them. The fact that he finds his freedom in the tasks he does in his life, regardless of the people in his life changes the way he engages people. So, it all depends on how you look at it.

There was a lot for him to chew over. I laid down on the bench and let the rain fall on my face. A lot of the days heat will still left over and it felt nice to have the cool rain on my skin. How does just doing what you want to help you develop certainty?

I was going to ask about that - how can you have certainty and uncertainty at the same time? And this is it. Prove to yourself that you can overcome barriers. At least now we have evidence. People would never go to work! Because someone following this pathway is only working to get money so they can one day relax and not have to work again, the work they do feels like a chore and a burden.

When a person shifts to a Doing pathway and realises that they can find joy and freedom in activity rather than just by running away from responsibility then their perception of work changes dramatically. This other one, I call: I was wrong. How could any activity be enjoyable?

There are some things that are just boring and shit - like washing the dishes. How can washing the dishes be fun? Sitting for so long makes my arse go numb.

Try this: I want you to think of an activity that you just love doing. Something that you really get excited about - the whole kayaking thing is fine, or sex is another good one. What was it like? When was it? Who was there? What was going on?

Do I need to tell you about it or can I just think about it?

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I want you to think about your worst experience of this activity. When you had a crap time, did everyone have a crap time? Where you focussing on how much you wanted to be there, or how much you could push yourself? When I was enjoying myself, I was focussing on the next stroke, and how hard I could go, and what I needed to do next to complete my goal. You can turn any activity into an activity that allows you to enjoy. Not in the Getting acceptance and validation, warm and fuzzy way, but the Doing powerful, in control, way.

Nothing becomes beyond you capabilities. How great is that? You can learn to enjoy yourself through the most seemingly mundane tasks by making it into a fun and challenging experience.

It all becomes pointless. Most PUA guys are so focussed on Getting that it can ruin something that once was fun and exciting, but, if they were focussed on Doing with those exact same techniques and methods, they would be 10 times as fun.

I can see how that would change things. Some nights, on the nights when I was just focussed on trying to get women to come home with me, it would fail miserably. Then, on the nights when I was just amusing myself, it was golden. It makes things so clear, but what about uncertainty?

Someone following Doing gets their certainty from their ability to overcome challenges and do things that make them happy. Uncertainty is all around them.

They allow the natural uncertainty of the world to unfold in front of them. Does it tie in with all this community stuff? Do I still have to learn all those structures and stuff?

She was very cute. Very cute. The first thing that happens when you get to this place is that you focus on pickup stuff starts to slip, big time. And even the desire that remains, comes from a very different place.

But, if you actually changed your mindset, you could become a natural and not have to learn any of this stuff. You said there are three pathways. IT was kind of nice anyway. It took us almost 20 minutes to make it back to the house, and the whole time, Steven had been quiet.

We came in through the front door, climbed out of our wet shoes, and I pointed Steven towards the bathroom. I had just enough time to light the incense and slide into one of the couches before Steven fired up again. Have you ever done something, not because of what you thought you could get, and not because it sounded like fun, but simply because you knew it was the right thing to do? People like Mother Teresa and Ghandi.

They just did what they knew to be right, without asking for anything in return for themselves. They were amazing. I really admire them. The world needs more people like that. This is the part that most people struggle with.

I think So a person who is Creating perceives that they create their experience of the world in every moment and so are completely in control of their emotional state. Hitler was a very different case. He looked at the external environment as being responsible for the unhappiness he was experiencing in life and felt the need to change the external environment before he could get the certainty he was looking for.

I nodded slowly. The motivation drives everything. Look how good he is! When I first heard about this, I went out and did Creating, and very unsurprisingly, failed to get anywhere because I was just doing it as a set of tricks. I was using it to try and get something from the people around me, and surprisingly, it failed miserably.

They head out, find a woman who they want to sleep with and they go and say something generic to try and make her attracted to them. The underlying reason is that she can tell that the only reason the guy is there is to get something from her. It comes through in all the little microscopic factors that are so hard to fake.

Like, it sounds like the kind of thing I should be aiming for. What were your intentions when you first went up to her? I was trying to come up with a way to make her attracted to me. If I was being completely honest, I was also trying to impress you.

Come to think about it It was pretty empty, actually. I was trying to take from her. I was doing the things I was doing, simply so she would be attracted to me. I told myself I was being self amused, but really, I was only doing it so I could get.

How different would your interaction have been? How different would your words and actions have been? Would you have been stuck in your head or would you have been present with her, just in the moment, sharing and giving everything you could?

I would started the conversation with something totally different. Steven suddenly sat up. They download women flowers all the time, they take them to fancy restaurants, and they just do what she wants to do. What pathway is that - doing something just so you can get something in return?

Someone following the Creating path achieves their certainty through the action of making the world a better place, not through what people think of the action or what they can get back from the action. This is the opposite of a nice guy. But, a guy following the Creating path can do the exact same actions as the nice guy and have women all over him.

In any action you take the motivations you choose are to control all the issues you face in not only having incredible relationships with amazing women, but in life in general as well. You can work there because you feel blessed to be in the position you are and you want to give back to those less fortunate.

But it can also be about achieving certainty through Doing. You can work in a soup kitchen because you love the wide range of people you meet there. You can work in a soup kitchen because you love the challenge of creating huge quantities of food. Then again, you could work there because it allows you to achieve certainty through Getting. You can work in a soup kitchen so that your friends will validate you for helping out people less fortunate than you. You can be really nice to and sweet and compliment people from all the different pathways.

You can compliment a woman because you really want her to get validation from her. You can compliment a woman because you see something that you like in her and you want to share that with her. Whatever one you take is going to change everything about what you communicate.

Every single thing can come from a different motivation and the motivation drives everything. No wonder being direct with women works wonders for some people but fails miserably for others All those techniques, it has nothing to do with them!

You can be looking for a big 4WD truck to drive because your mates all have them and you want to get their acceptance by having one as well. You can be looking for a 4WD drive because you love going driving through sand dunes where you need one. Does that sound like the kind of relationship you want to be part of? Let me think about this - pretty superficial ones? And which one sounds more rewarding? His smile said it all. Are you going to take the lead or are you going to be too worried about her not following to step up and take control?

All these things only need to be learnt because guys are trying to get. It makes so much sense. Being a bit of a showman, I decided that that would be a perfect moment to get up and go to the bathroom. I can be a bit of an arsehole like that. I stood up, smiled politely, turned and quickly walked out the lounge room door. Not in the lounge room, not in the bedroom, not in the bathroom, not in the kitchen, it was weird. I stumbled through the house for a bit looking for him and eventually gave up.

You see a cute girl, get the balls to go and talk to her, and she tells you to fuck off.

Now, what if you were following a different path? What if you were following the doing path and your life was full of fun, excitement, happiness, and internally based certainty? How different would your experience of that moment feel? It would just be a bit average.

How would your experience change then? Now, what if that happened to you whilst you were following Getting, but then down the track, you changed to Doing. The stages are:. Overcome the barriers to getting what you want. Here is a preview of the interview where Leigh talks about attracting women without being fake:. The full interview is included in The Confident Man Program. The Dao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

Power vs Force by David R. Steve Pavlina's article on the Levels of Consciousness in Hawkin's book. The self-awareness exercises for seeing what's really going on in your life. The scientific formula for overcoming loneliness. I struggled for years with low self-esteem, anxiety and a lack of self-confidence before finding a solution that really worked. I created The Confident Man Program to help other men live the life of their dreams.

I also offer 1-on-1 coaching via Skype so if you related to this article contact me about coaching. Well essentially it's about confidence , confidence , confidence; what would you like to know more about specifically?

Yes, add me to your mailing list. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is a bit of a crazy idea when you might hear it at first, but it's totally one that works: It's about taking a female friend shopping with you.

Often when we're going out Read more…. Hey, it's Graham here from The Confident Man Project, and you can probably hear that there's some kookaburras going off down in the distance in the bush land here. I'm out in the beautiful bush Read more…. The stages are:Release Date:. This is something that Steven found out himself when none of his friends from the pick up community wanted to hear his thoughts and feelings on what he learned from LoGun.

When you're having the time of your life, when you're not focussing on what other people are thinking and just doing what you want, when you're just being real, open and letting out the larger than life 'you' that you have locked inside, you don't have to learn pickup lines or special things to talk about, everything just happens.

I hope it can help you find the next step that you need to take to create the kind of life that you deserve. Steven suddenly sat up. Reviewed by Jackson Hunter Last Update: Not knowing what was going to happen next was the reason I spent 7 years hiding in my bedroom, afraid to face the world.

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